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Lauren Lopez
Founder & CEO | she/her 

Lauren Lopez, founder of UrbanEd Solutions, is an educator, leadership coach, equity consultant, and advocate for justice. As the CEO of UrbanEd Solutions, Lauren provides training, coaching and consulting on a national level to schools, organizations, and leaders that prioritizes equity and belonging for all stakeholders. 


In her previous roles as a teacher, higher education professional, consultant and nonprofit director, Lopez has managed research, directed program development, conducted DEI audits and evaluations, and analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data to move work forward. Through services like coaching, training, and consulting, Lauren works to support leaders in developing a mission centered organization that has a foundation of equity and provides all stakeholders an environment that they can thrive in.


Lauren earned her Bachelors of Arts at The Ohio State University and a Masters of Teaching at Marian University. She has worked in the education, DEI, and nonprofit sector for over 10 years. In her free time Lauren enjoys traveling, watching any type of performing arts performance, and spending time with her family and friends.

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